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KOI water brushes are lightweight, sleek and perfect for artists and conservators.

They are made of fine flexible nylon bristles and have a unique water reservoir. The water level is visual through the transparent barrel and the brushes are available in three sizes to produce strokes from fine to broad.

Great for all types of conservation and artistic purposes.

  Item Description PriceQuantity
  TTB097001 KOI Water Brush Small #2 Nib 1-11 : $ 5.75 each
12+ : $ 5.10 each
  TTB097002 KOI Water Brush Medium #6 Nib 1-11 : $ 5.75 each
12+ : $ 5.10 each
  TTB097003 KOI Water Brush Large #8 Nib 1-11 : $ 5.75 each
12+ : $ 5.10 each

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