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When a buffered paper is not desirable our unbuffered Bond Paper is the perfect choice. For use with albumen, cyanotype, dye transfer, color prints (chromogenic) and textiles made from animal fibers (silks, wool, etc.) Perfect for photos, document interleaving, xerography, envelope-making and lining, and lightweight wrapping. The papers are made of acid and lignin-free 80lb. text weight with 25% cotton fiber, less than .0008% reducible sulfur content, and a smooth white surface.

This paper has also been found to be excellent for people making marbled paper, as it is free from buffering agents.

All papers pass P.A.T. test. 100 Sheets per package.

Compare to Renaissance Paperâ„¢.

32" x 40" sheets are grain short, all other sizes sold can vary depending on how they are cut from the parent sheet. Please contact us as custom cutting to your requirements is also available.
Related Information: Technical Data Sheet

  Item Description PriceQuantity
  TPB212001 8" x 10" 1-4 Packs : $ 5.75 per Pack
5+ Packs : $ 4.25 per Pack
  TPB212002 8.5" x 11" 1-9 Packs : $ 8.95 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 8.05 per Pack
  TPB212010 8.5" x 14" 1-9 Packs : $ 11.10 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 10.00 per Pack
  TPB212003 11" x 14" 1-9 Packs : $ 17.25 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 14.75 per Pack
  TPB212004 13" x 19" 1-9 Packs : $ 29.35 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 27.20 per Pack
  TPB212005 14" x 18" 1-9 Packs : $ 29.85 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 27.20 per Pack
  TPB212006 16" x 20" 1-9 Packs : $ 37.75 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 31.75 per Pack
  TPB212007 20" x 24" 1-9 Packs : $ 72.10 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 64.30 per Pack
  TPB212008 22" x 28" 1-9 Packs : $ 97.30 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 91.10 per Pack
  TPB212009 32" x 40" 1-9 Packs : $ 102.50 per Pack
10+ Packs : $ 85.40 per Pack

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