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Liberon Gilt Cream is an easy to apply gilt finish for restoring old gilding work and for giving a gilt finish to new surfaces.

- Use to retouch damaged gilding or to gild new surfaces
- Easy to use
- All colors are intermixable

Preparation: Seal porous surfaces, such as woods and plaster, with Liberon Fontenay Base before applying Liberon Gilt Cream. Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from dust.

Application: Apply to the surface with a cotton cloth or small brush for intricate areas. Allow to dry for a minimum of 4 hours, longer if possible and either leave matte or buff to a shine. For a better finish we recommend applying several thin coats of Gilt Cream as oppose to one thick coat.

Clean tools in white spirit.

Important: Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for color, compatibility & end result.

ยท Gilt Creams may be reactivated or thinned with Liberon Pure Turpentine or good quality white spirit.

Finishes available: Chantilly, Compeigne, Rambouillet, St Germain, Trianon and Versailles.
Sizes available: 30 ml or 100 ml.

Please note that the Versailles color in only available in 30 ml.

Set contains: Two each of Chantilly and Trianon and one each of Compeigne, Rambouillet, St Germain, and Versailles.
Related Information: Gilt Cream MSDS

  Item Description Option PriceQuantity
$ 28.10
  100 ml
$ 55.70
  TFL300100 Set of 8 30ml Jars
$ 204.00

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