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Hahnemuhle Ingres...
100% alpha cellulose, acid-free, made in Germany, two sided. Available in 14 colors.
Sheets are 18.5" x 24.5" grain short, 90 Gsm.

The mill has discontinued making #109, 113 and 116.
There is limited stock remaining in 109 and 116 and 113 is sold out.

  Item Description Option PriceQuantity
1-24 Sheets : $ 1.39 per Sheet
25-49 Sheets : $ 1.14 per Sheet
50-99 Sheets : $ 1.08 per Sheet
100-199 Sheets : $ 0.96 per Sheet
200+ Sheets : $ 0.90 per Sheet
  TPB054015 Black #114
1-24 Sheets : $ 1.61 per Sheet
25-49 Sheets : $ 1.39 per Sheet
50-99 Sheets : $ 1.31 per Sheet
100-199 Sheets : $ 1.17 per Sheet
200+ Sheets : $ 1.10 per Sheet

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