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Calfskin Vellum South America...
Much anticipated, these skins are finally available!

High quality calfskins at a more economical price, ideal for decorative arts. Calfskins are sought after for their strong, tight surface, which is often preferred by bookbinders. Their luminosity, also makes them a desirable surface for painters.

Approx. 6 sq. ft. per skin. These skins are priced by the piece, not by size.
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  Item Description PriceSkins
  TLP027001 Calfskin $ 155.00
  TLP012000 Parchment & Vellum Sample Book -Specialty $ 15.00

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Shell Gold and Shell Silver - Shell Gold is pure 23.5K gold powder, which is suspended in gum arabic and then dried into tablet size watercolor cakes. Just as in watercolor the tablet is wetted with a brush and can then be painted into small detail areas.

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Cowley's Goatskin Parchment - Goatskins are typically noted for their distinctive grain. Their thinner & more supple nature often make them preferable over calfskins for certain usages. Goatskins are also typically softer & smaller in size than calf, and more reasonably priced.

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Cowley's Calfskin Vellum - These are the finest calfskin available, manufactured by the same method for the last 200 years.

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Parchment & Vellum Sample Book -Specialty - 13 samples which include Vellum from Israel, Sheepskin from SA, Kidskin, White, Cream and Natural Goatskin from SA, Goatskin from France and Nepal, Alum Tawed Skin from SA, and Goldbeaters' skins, Transparent and Alum Tawed, 1 ply and 2 ply.

Calfskin Vellum - Israel - We have expanded our line of vellum and parchment from Israel.

Having just recently been to Israel, we were able to find a wonderful source for these unique and beautiful skins. As a result we have increased our range of products which also includes goatskins.

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Calligraphy Nibs - Our nibs are machine cut and hand finished to sharpen the tip, ready for use for most calligraphy styles, including Hebrew and Italic. Strong, long lasting and ideal for use ink or prepared paint.


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