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Made of softest select sheep hair bristles held in unfinished wooden handles without metal bindings. Long handle provides good balance. Flat brush for applying water and thin water solutions of bleach, adhesives and paints, as well as for dusting delicate surfaces. Overall length: approx. 10 3/4", bristle length: approx. 1 3/8". Widths are given below:

  Item Description PriceQuantity
  TTB090001 #1 - 1" wide $ 12.45
  TTB090002 #2 - 1.5" wide $ 16.35
  TTB090003 #3 - 2.5" wide $ 22.85
  TTB090004 #4 - 3" wide $ 27.70
  TTB090005 #5 - 5" wide $ 69.30
  TTB090006 #6 - 7" wide $ 109.00

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