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Shreds of calf, sheep, and goat parchment used for testing size, paints, etc. Sold by weight.

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  TLP023001 4 oz. $ 16.95
  TLP023002 8 oz. $ 30.75
  TLP023003 1 lb. $ 53.75

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Rabbit Skin Glue - After an exhausting search we have found the finest rabbit skin available. This granular form looks almost like very small sheets rather than a simple ground adhesive. Commonly used for sizing canvas and as an adhesive.Bloom strength 400.

Hide Glue, Ground - Pure animal glue in low foaming fine granules. Excellent for many uses such as bookbinding, conservation, and other various applications. Bloom (gram) strength of 222 grams.

Hide Glue In Cake Form - A natural animal hide glue made from pure animal protein which has been reconstituted into a cake form to make for a more easily dissolving form of hide glue than typical granules. Excellent adhesive strength for gluing difficult surfaces, and removable with heat or steam.

Glue Pots - Electrically heated with thermostatic control. Does not require water in the outer jacket. Preset to maintain a temperature between 140 and 150 degrees F. Other temperature settings in increments between 110 and 170 degrees F are available on special order.

Formulas for Painters - 200 formulas for making paints, glazes, mediums, varnishes, grounds, fixatives, sizes, and adhesives for tempera, oil, acrylic, gouache, pastel, encaustic, fresco, and other painting techniques.

Here is a unique reference book which every serious painter will find indispensable. Formulas for Pain...

Calligraphers Parchment and Vellum - These are the finest manuscript quality cut sizes of Calf, Sheep, and Goatskin produced by Cowley's in England. Cut size pieces are an alternative to buying full skins of a particular animal. All cut pieces have been finished for writing and illumination on both sides, though additional preparation...

Calfskin and Sheepskin Cuttings - Irregular pieces of calf and sheepskin parchment. These economical pieces are suitable for making repairs, testing paints & finishes, as well as for spine bands. Sold by weight.


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