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Activated Charcoal Cloth - A unique cloth made of 100% activated carbon in a textile form that is then laminated to a polyester liner to facilitate handling and installation. Cloth can be used as both a material for the absorption of pollutants from display and storage cases as well as an anti-tarnish cloth for silver objects...

Chamois Cloth - Genuine natural chamois leather is made from selected sheep skins which are traditionally processed, then treated with oils and hand finished to produce a high quality, soft, golden texture which is highly absorbent.

Skins are appproximately 4 feet square in size.

Cheesecloth - Cheesecloth is useful material to have around the lab or studio. It is well suited for applying waxes and coatings, polishing, filtering liquids, and as a blotting material. Grade #10, 100% cotton cheesecloth. 36" wide.

Cotton Wool - Cotton wool is 100% pure, long fibered cotton, suitable for cleaning surfaces, making ones own cotton tipped swabs, and other applications. Commonly used by painting conservators for varnish removal.

Cotton is lump free, and of high USP grade quality. Sold in one pound bags (rolled).
Roll is ...

Dry-Cleaning Sponge (Dirt Eraser) - These incredibly effective dry cleaning sponges are suitable for the safe removable of particulate matter on dry surfaces such as paper, leather, walls, paintings, etc. They are incredibly effective on removing dirt, soot from fires and other surface deposits from porous and non-porous surfaces. Ma...

Dust Grab - Tack Cloth by Liberon - Resin impregnated cloth to remove dust and lint from any surface prior to staining, waxing, lacquering, french polishing or coloring.

Silicone & wax free.

Manufacturer has changed the name from Tack Cloth to Dust Grab on new packaging.

Falcon Dust-Off - Commonly-used duster. These disposable cans are ideal for workstations, labs, repair benches, household use, on-location photography, etc. Provides potent dust-removing power for practically any task.

This is the only product in its class that is 100% ozone safe & non-flammable.


Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloths - Recent advances in micro fibre technology have created a new system allowing for either dry or wet cleaning of surfaces without the need to use chemicals or abrasives. Made from polyester/polyamide ultra micro fibres.

Dry Use: When used dry the cloth is naturally charged positive an...

One-Wipe Dust Cloth - A specially treated, dustless, lintless dust cloth that can be washed up to 20 times and still retain its effectiveness. Holds, does not scatter, dust.

Pec-12 Photo/Slide Cleaner - Cleans all slides, negatives and prints, both B/W and color, of hardened gelatin emulsions. Removes finger prints, oils, ball point ink, adhesive residue, fungus, laser separation oil and most permanent markers. Archival; contains no water; dries instantly and leaves no residue.

The Pec Pads ...

Polyvinyl Alcohol Sponge (PVA) - Open cell sponge allows thorough removal of solvents and dissolved materials. Can be used with numerous solvents without degradation. Available in block form (7.5" x 3" x 1.25").

Steel Wool - Made by Liberon without oil. This ultra fine steel wool is ideal for applying waxes and cleaning delicate surfaces.

Webril Handi Pads - These pads are made of non-woven compressed cotton fibers, and provide a very soft low-lint absorbent pad. Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces and applying liquid coatings. Overall size of pads are 8" x 4" and are folded to 4" x 4". Sold in packs of 100 pads.

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