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105 Helpful Hints - Short and concise this book by accomplished marbler shares insights into this wonderful craft and shares solutions to stubborn and annoying marbling problems uses helpful illustrations for how to solve them.

Der Vollkommne Papierfarber- The Accomplished Paper Colorer - In the historical introduction to the facsimile reproduction and his translation of this manual, Richard J. Wolfe summarizes the professional literature on marbling and paper coloring that began to appear in Germany at the beginning of the 19th Century.

This book was originally published around 1...

Fabric Marbling -
Iris Nevins shares her paper marbling skills and transfers the technique to fabric. Covered is a brief history of the art, as well as preparing the fabric, the use of specific tools and the basics of marlbing step by step. Fully photographed are the various marlbing patterns, including stone, ...

Flemish Bindery Poster - This is truly a very special poster, published by Shepherds Bookbinders.

Unique in that the image portrays every step of the book from start to finish.

The image displays a few particularly noteworthy details. The first is how we can identify this as a Flemish bindery. Can you figure out ...

How To Marbleize Paper -
Step by Step Instructions for 12 Traditional Patterns. Fully illustrated, the artist Gabriele Grunebaum shows you how to prepare, colors, form beautiful and striking patterns and transfer them onto prepared paper. Included in a list of tools and materials and helpful suggestions for avoiding com...

Marbling - A very useful introduction to the art of marbling. (15 pages Illus. 1978)

Suminagashi: An Intro to Japanese Marbling - Suminagashi is the ancient Japanese technique of decorating paper with inks. It is believed to be the oldest form of marbling, originating in China over 2,000 years ago and practiced in Japan by Shinto priests as early as the 12th century. Suminagashi (sue-me-NAH-gah-she), which means literally "in...

The Process of Marbling Paper - The authors are from the Government Printing Office and are approved by the Printing Industry of America. This marbling process research is a valuable tool for the both its historical and technical information. (10 pages Paperback)

Traditional Marbling - A helpful guide for the beginner by a very experience professional. (1988 Paperback 35 pages)

Varieties of Spanish Marbling - This book thoroughly covers Spanish marbling patterns. It is a limited edition of 325, numbered and signed by Iris Nevins. Each book is covered with a different marble paper pattern and includes a variety of original samples by Iris Nevins of the Spanish style. An excellent item for the collector...

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